My name is Lisa Hunter. I'm running to be your Ward 6 Councilmember.


Raised by my Latina mother and Jewish father, I grew up learning about the struggle and discrimination they faced in pursuit of the American Dream. My mother grew up in a home with dirt floors, overcoming economic and racial barriers to become the first person in her family to go to college.  My father told me stories of visitors coming to his childhood home to pay their respects for our family members lost in concentration camps during World War II.

My parents taught me to embrace my diverse roots, and encouraged me to advocate on behalf of underserved populations facing poverty and racial injustice.

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I studied immigration at Vassar College, and decided that I could best help immigrant communities at home if I lived and served these communities abroad. Three days after graduation, I boarded a plane to Guyana and began my service in the Peace Corps. I taught literacy to school children, engaged my community in HIV/AIDS prevention efforts, empowered women facing domestic violence, and taught young girls about their value. They watched me play soccer with men in the village and were inspired to join us on the field and learn how to play.

After serving in the Peace Corps I returned to the US and took a job at Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters. I was later deployed to St. Louis as a field organizer, where I met voters and learned about the issues facing their communities. I forged relationships, organized volunteers, and worked to build a grassroots movement based on hope. After the 2008 election I moved to DC and continued working to connect with people eager to have their voices heard. I worked on Capitol Hill until 2010, when I joined the Obama administration to work on health reform at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). While at HHS, I attended Georgetown University at night to earn my Masters in Public Policy.  


In 2012, I conducted voter outreach in Virginia and voter protection in Florida on behalf of President Obama’s campaign for reelection.  I worked in communities of color, speaking with voters in Spanish to make sure they were able to cast a ballot on Election Day.

Since leaving HHS, I have worked at a local health care firm where I study and analyze the complexities of health care in the United States. I have built a career based on service to others, and have learned the value of public policy as a tool to improve lives and elevate populations in need.


I’m running to be your Ward 6 Councilmember because I owe everything to this city.


I met my husband here, and am immensely proud to have built a career, a home, and a family on Capitol Hill.  I am most proud of an early morning at Sibley Hospital in December 2016, when my husband and I became parents to our daughter, Julia Justicia. I love our city, our neighborhood, our community; and I am excited to bring a fresh perspective, a record of service to others, and a voice that ensures all DC residents are heard.

I want my daughter to grow up knowing that everyone in our community has a voice worth hearing and a future worth investing in, and that we can demand our leaders act on our behalf, not just talk about it.