“I’ll look into it” is a response you’re probably familiar with if you’ve ever asked our council member for help.  And if you got any help after that, you’re one of the lucky few. It took 18 months to get a neighbor rat den treated, in large part because we spent the first twelve months trying to get our council member to take action on our behalf rather than just doing it ourselves.

It’s unacceptable.

Representing the residents of Ward 6 means prioritizing the issues we face the moment we step outside our doors.  Washington is a world-class city, yet we continue to fall short when it comes to responsive government and effective city services.  I have experience handling constituent requests, so I know how important they are and I know how to see them through.

You deserve a clean neighborhood where trash is picked up on time and basic sanitation laws are enforced.  You deserve a safe neighborhood where nuisance laws are upheld, alleys are maintained, overgrown tree branches are trimmed and streetlights are in good working order.  You deserve an accountable city government, and timely solutions whenever there is a problem.  And if you’re receiving anything less, you should know exactly who to call and be able to trust that they’ll deliver on your behalf.

My own experience as a Ward 6 constituent and my conversations with our neighbors has me convinced that we are falling well short of this standard, and my highest priority will be making sure that’s no longer the case.  You deserve representation that can tackle the city’s big problems without ignoring the small ones.