DC is a world-class city, and it should feel that way from the moment you walk out your door.  We have made improvements, but a walk around Ward 6 makes it clear we’ve got work to do.  Every sidewalk in our city must be wheelchair and stroller friendly, without exception, and we need to dedicate funding each year to repair and maintain those which are not.

Public transportation needs to be safe and reliable no matter where you live. We are fortunate to have access to Metro from nearly every neighborhood in Ward 6, but we need to keep focused on maintaining and improving a system that often lacks in reliability, handicap accessibility, safety, and customer service. Working on long-term streetcar plans should not keep us from also seeking ways to improve the safety and reliability of our bus system.

The increase in bike sharing options is a welcome addition to the city, and we need to do more to ensure that predictable commuting routes are appropriately stocked in the mornings, and that docking stations are available in the evenings.  And, with the increased popularity of dock-less bike sharing options, the city may need to act to ensure that bikes aren’t being left in places that inhibit pedestrian movement or encroach on shared public spaces.  Bike share programs provide an enormous net benefit to our communities, but in exchange for utilizing our public spaces to house their equipment, these companies should be asked to implement solutions to some of the logistical hurdles they impose.